We are your final destination for surplus electronics in the automation industry. Our rigorous testing regimes ensure that when you buy one of our parts, it will work correctly when you receive it. If it does not, our no-hassle return policy and excellent customer service will work with you to rectify any troubles that arise as quickly as possible.

Your source for IGBT Modules and Obsolete ICs

We stock or have access to any IGBT module.

Our stock allows us to meet or beat any price and deliver your modules fast.

Manufacturers we carry, but are not limited to, include:

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Circuit Verification and Testing


Our anti-counterfeiting measures are industry best and give you assurance that your parts will function correctly on arrival.



We test and verify as much of our stock as is possible. We want you to rest assured that when you receive a part, you know exactly what you are getting.


Every IGBT module has undergone a thorough testing regime including a visual inspection, datasheet comparisons and electronic verification that the circuit functions correctly.

Quality Assurance

We regularly decapsulate our ICs and inspect the die to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality parts. This labor intensive process involves removing the actual circuit from an IC and inspecting it under a microscope for manufacture marks and part numbers.

Quality Assurance Logistics

Our Process:

Testing & Inspection

In our automation electronics, we strive to combine all aspects of what you need for your installation to ensure your parts are working and authentic, including but not limited to:

  • Functional Testing
  • Detailed Visual Inspection
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Verification Stage

Our automation electronics range for all levels of usage and verified for long durability life. Whether you are a complete newbie or have an advanced level of automation knowledge – we will accommodate your unique product requests and guarantee they are 100% authentic and working parts.

  • Electrical Characteristic Verification
  • Reference Based Verification

Inspection Stage

Along with providing traditional verification for your automation electronics, we provide decapsulation, inspections, resistance testing, and a plethora of other in-house checks to ensure all of our automation electronics pass our proprietary inspection stages and also those of all universal inspection stages.

  • IC Decapsulation
  • Die Inspection
  • Solvent Resistance
  • Label Permanence Checks
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Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service will work with you to remedy any troubles that may arise as quickly as they occur. Forefront Electronics and Design conducts rigorous testing regimes to guarantee that when you buy one of our parts, it will work correctly when you receive it.


No Hassle Return Policy

If something does not work, our no-hassle return policy is the first thing that should come to mind. Call us directly and our USA team will will rectify any issues personally on your behalf. Please check our Forefront Electronics and Design Part Number Guide for information about our part numbering system

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