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Forefront Electronics and Design has established itself as the premier electrical components distributor in the United States and internationally. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation of providing high-quality electrical components, including obsolete and hard-to-find parts, to a diverse range of customers.

Electrical Components Distributor

One of the key reasons why we are considered the best electrical components distributor is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We at Forefront Electronics and Design understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements.

All Electric Modules Available

Our warehouse stocks a wide range of products, including fuses, IGBT modules, integrated circuits, and much more. Due to the large amount of supplies we carry we can ensures our customers have access to the latest and most reliable products at all times. Additionally, our strong relationships with these manufacturers allow us to offer competitive pricing, benefiting our customers in the long run.

Electrical Components Store In the United States

Forefront Electronics and Design only works with authorized distributors and manufacturers, and every component goes through a strict inspection process before we ship to our customers. This gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that they are getting genuine and high-quality products every time they order from us.

Our online platform allows customers to easily browse and search for the components they need.

We have established partnerships with logistics and shipping companies to ensure reliable and timely delivery of our products to customers around the world. Our commitment to customer satisfaction knows no geographical boundaries, and we strive to provide the same level of service to all our customers, regardless of their location.

High Quality Electronic Components

Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all their electrical component needs. We provide you with top-quality products, expert technical support, and exceptional customer service.